Stratigraphy of Pakistan

S.NoNameType LocalityLithologyAge
1.Nagar Parkar GraniteNot DesignedGranite, grey, composed of orthoclaseLate Precambrian
2.Kirana GroupNot DesignedSlateLate Precambrian
3.Salt Range FormationKhewra gorge, eastern Salt Range, PunjabGypsum beds, dolomite, clay, greenish & low grade oil shaleTertiary microfossils reported
4.Hazara FormationNot designedSlate, phyllite & shaleLate Precambrian
5.Salkhala FormationSalkhala village, Kishanganga River, KashmirSlateLate Precambrian
6.Khewra  SandstoneKhewra gorge Khewra, Salt Range, PunjabSandstoneEarly Cambrian
7.Kussak FormationKusak Fort , eastern Salt Range, PunjabSandstone, Siltstonelate early or early middle Cambrian
8.Jutana FormationJutana Village, eastern  Salt Range, PunjabDolomiteEarly  Mid. Cambrian Late Early Cambrian
9.Baghanwala FormationBaghanwala Village, eastern Salt Range, PunjabShale, ClayMid. Cambrian
10.Khisor FormationSaiyiduwali (Kishore Range)Upper  part: ShaleLower part: GypsumEarly Mid. Cambrian
11.Tanawal FormationNot designedBiotite, muscovite quartz schist and andalusite staurolite schistCambrian
12.Abbottabad FormationSirban Hill, Abbottabad, (KPK)Dolomite, quartz & phylliteEarly Cambrian
13.Hazara FormationHazara VillageSiltstone, shalyEarly Cambrian
14Cambrian rocks of N.E. (undefine)Greywacke, shale and limestoneCambrian
15Landikotal FormationLandikotal, (KPK)Phyllite, slatePaleozoic to Mesozoic
16Attock FormationNot designedSedimentary and metamorphic sequences- Limestone, PhylliteOrdivician-Early Silurian- Precambrian
17Kandar Phyllite5 Km north of Nowshere (Nowshera-Risalpur Road)Phyllite, limestoneLate Silurian
18Nowshera Formation5 Km north of Nowshere (Nowshera-Risalpur Road)Limestone & dolomite, reef core, carbonate/reef brecciaLate Silurian to Early Devonian
19Misri Banda quartzite12 Km east of Nowshera (Nowshera-Risalpur Road)Quartzite and dolomite lensesDevonian
20Pir Sabaq FormationNot designedLimestone, dolomitic limestoneCarboniferous- Pre late Devonian
21Khyber CarbonatesNot designatedSeries of shale, quartzite, limestone, dolomite and marbleEarly Devonian to Mid. Silurian to Carboniferous
22Shagai  Limestone1 Km N.E. of Shagai (Khyber area, KPK)Dolomitic limestoneAllurian to Early Devonian
23Ali Masjid FormationAli Masjid village (Khyber Pass,KPK)Sandstone & quartzite, limestone, siltstone, conglomerateLate Devonian
24Devonian rock – ChitralLimestoneEarly Devonian
25Khyber LimestoneAli Masjid village (Khyber Pass, KPK)LimestonePermian
26Shakhai FormationShakhai 16 km west of Nowshera, KPKDolomiticPermo-Carboniferous
27Sarikol SlateNot designedSlate, quartzite, calcareous beds and few volcanic rockCarboniferous-Permian
28Darkot GroupNot designedSlate, Limestone, quartzite, conglomerate, schist, marble, gneiss and volcanic rocksPermo -Carboniferous
29Chalt SchistNot designated  (SW of Chalt Hunza)?Schist, quartz biotite schist, phylliteCarboniferous-Permian
30Baltit GroupNot designated  (near Baltit Hunza)?Garnet staurolite, schist, garnet, mica schist, garnet amphibolite, coarsely, crystalline marble, and micaceous.Carboniferous-Permian
31Pasu SlateNot designated (Pasu valley Gilgit)?Interbedded with quartzite and limestoneCarboniferous-Permian
32Panjal Formation & Agglomerate SlateNot designated  (at apex of Hazara syntaxis)?Volcanic greenstone, metamorphosed lava flowsCarboniferous-Permian
33.Permian rocks of BalochistanNot designed (Wulagi, Gaza band-Kalat Balochistan)Limestone with marl and clayPermian
34Nilwahan GroupNot designatedIncludes Tobra Fm. Dandot Fm. Warcha Sst. And Sardhi Fm.Permian
35Tobra FormationTobra village, eastern Salt Range) PunjabTillitic facies with marine sandstone.  Fresh water facies: few or no boulders, alternating siltstone and shale with spores; Complex facies: diamictite, sandstone & boulder bedEarly Permian
36Dandot FormationDandot village, eastern Salt Range, PunjabSandstone, shale, fossiliferous in the basal partEarly Permian
37Warcha SandstoneWarcha gorge, Salt Range, PunjabSandstone, bedded pebbles of graniteEarly Permian
38Sardhai  FormationSardhai gorge, eastern Salt Range, PunjabClay, sandstone and siltstone and  carbonaceous shale & chalcopyrite & copperEarly Permian
39Zaluch GroupZaluch Nala, western Salt Range, PunjabSandstone, shale, sandy limestone, pure argillaceous limestone and dolomite, sandy  and calcareous sandstoneEarly to Late Permian
40Amb FormationAmb village, central Salt Range, PunjabShale, limestoneArtinskian (Lower Permian)
41Wargal LimestoneWargal village, central Salt Range, PunjabLimestone & dolomiteMid. Permian
42Chhidru FormationChhidru nala, Salt Range, PunjabSandstone, shaleLate Permian
43Wulgai FormationWulgai  village  Muslimbagh, BalochistanShale, limestoneEarly to Late Triassic
44Mianwali FormationNot designated: Ref Sections: Zaluch Nala, western Salt Range & Tappan Wahan, Kishore RangeShale, varied faciesLower. Triassic: Scythian
45Tredian FormationNot designated Ref: sections: Zaluch Nala western Salt Range & Tappan Wahan, Kishore RangeNon marine unit. Sandstone, ShaleMid. Triassic
46Kingriali FormationNot designated,  (reference sections:  Zaluch Nala, western Salt Range & Tappan Wahan, Kishore RangeDolomite & dolomite Limestone , marl, ShaleMid. Triassic
47Chak Jabbi LimestoneNorth of Chak Jabbi (Kala Chitta Range) Ref: Section Gabh villageLimestoneMid. Triassic
48Shirinab FormationShirinab River section (Chapppar Mingochar & Shirinab valley, Kalat, Balochistan)Interbedded limestone & shaleEarly Jurassic
49Chiltan LimestoneChiltan Range S.W of Quetta, BalochistanLimestone, chertMid. Jurassic
50Mazar Drik FormationMazar Drik, Masri Hills BalochistanInterbeds of  shale & limestone, fossiliferousLate Bathonian
51Datta FormationDatta Nala, Surghar RangeSiltstone & mudstone, glass sand, fire clayJurassic: Pre Toarcian
52Shinawari FormationShinawari village (western Samana Range Kohat KPK)Limestone, shaleMiddle Jurassic –  Early Jurassic (Toarchian)
53Samana Suk FormationNE of Shinawari (Samana Range, KPK)LimestoneMid. Collovian (Salt Range) Bathonian (Kala Chitta)
54Sinjrani Volcanic GroupSinjrani District, Chagai BalochistanAgglomerate & Volcanic conglomerate, tuff, calcareous shaleCretaceous
55Humai FormationKoh Humai Hill (Koh- i – Sultan Chagai, Balochistan)Shale, sandstone, siltstone, conglomerate,Maestrichtian  (faunal evidence)
56Bela Volcanic GroupBela Town, Lasbela BalochistanTuff, chert, limestone, shale, marlCretaceous
57Sembar FormationSembar Pass, (Marri Hills) BalochistanShale, Sandy Shale, LimestoneNeocomian, likely extends down to Late Jurassic
58Goru FormationGoru village (Nar River, southern Kirthar Range)Siltstone, shaleMainly Early Cretaceous (may extend Late Jurassic to Late Cretaceous)
59Parh LimestoneParh Range (Gaj River up reaches Balochistan)Limestone, Marl,  Calcareous  ShaleLate Cretaceous
60Moghalkot FormationMoghal Kot, Zhob & D.I. Khan RoadMudstone, shale, marlCampanian to Early Maestrichtian (Marks 1962:Williams 1959)
61Fort Munro FormationWestern flank of Fort Munro anticline (Fort. Munro-DG Khan Road)Limestone calcareous shaleLate Campanian to early Maestrichtian)
62Pab SandstonePab range Wirahab Nai (Kirthar Province)SandstoneMaestrichtian (faunal evidence William , 1959, Hunting Survey 1961)
63Moro FormationMoro River (Johan Bibi Nani) BalochistanLimestone, marlMaestrichtian
64Chichaili FormationChichaili Pass (Surghar Range)Sandstone, glauconitic shale with phosphate nodulesCretaceous
65Lumshiwal FormationLumshiwal Nala (Salt Range)Sandstone, shale, limestoneAptian to Early Albian ( Kohat) U. Neocomian to Mid. Albian (Kala Chitta & S. Hazara) In  Hazara Tithonian to Mid. Albian (Fatmi 1972)
66Kawagarh FormationKawagarh hills (north of Kala Chitta Campbellpur District)Mari, challor, dark & shaleLate Coriacian to Companion
67Rakhshani FormationRakhshani (eastern end of Dalbandin Chagai) BalochistanSandstone, tuffPaleocene
68Ispikan ConglomerateIspikan, north Makran BalochistanConglomerate, limestone & andesitic rocksPaleocene
69Ranikot GroupRanikot Fort northern part of Lakhi Range in SindhLimestone, sandstone, shalePaleocene
70Khadro FormationKhadro Bara Nai section northern Lakhi Range SindhSandstone, shale, basaltic flowsEarly Paleocene
71Bara FormationBara Nai, Northern Lakhi Range, SindhSandstone, shaleMiddle Paleocene
72Lakhra FormationLakhra Bolari section, southern flank of Lakhra anticline, lakhi Range SindhLimestone, Sandstone, shale interbedsLate Paleocene
73Dungan FormationMirhat Tangi, 8km NE of hanai, Loralai District, BalochistanLimestone, Marl, conglomeratePaleocene to Lr. Eocene(faunal evidence)
74Hangu FormationFort Lockhart, Samana Range Kohat, NWFPShale, Carbonaceous Shale, nodularEarly Paleocene(faunal evidence)
75Lockhart LimestoneFort Lockhart Samana Range Kohat, NWFPLimestone, trans, fossiliferousPaleocene(faunal evidence)
76Patala FormationPatala Nala Range PunjabShale & marl, limestoneLate Paleocene
77Saindak FormationSaindak Fort, Chaga BalochistanInterbeds of shale, sandstone, volcanic rocks,Eocene to Oligocene (Faunal evidence)
78Kharan FormationNear Jalwar, Kharan District. BalochistanLimestone,Early to Mid Eocene (mid extend down into Paleocene)
79Nisai FormationNorth of Nisai Railway. Station Muslim Bagh, BaluchistanLimestone, Marl, ShaleEocene to Oligocene in Wagabi ) Early to Mid Eocene
80Ghazij FormationSpintangi, Hanai Distt. BalochistanShale, claystone, alabaster,Lower Eocene (on faunal evidence)
81Laki FormationMari Nai, SW of Bara Nai northern Lakhi range SindLimestone, calcareous shale, sandstone, lateriteEarly Eocene
82Kirthar FormationGaj River Section Kirthar Range Dadu, SindhInterbeds of limestone, shale with minor marl,M. Eocene to Oligocene (Kirthar Province
83Panoba ShaleSouth of Panoba village Kohat NWFPShaleEarly Eocene
84Shekhan FormationShekhan Nala Kohat, NWFPShale, limestoneEarly Eocene
85Bahadur Khel SaltBahadur Khel Salt Quarry Kohat, NWFPSalt, sandstone & clayEarly Eocene
86Margala Hill LimestoneJatta Gypsum Quarry, Kohat NWFPMarl, limestoneEarly Eocene
87Jatta GypsumJatta Gypsum Quarry Kohat NWFPGypsumEarly Eocene
88Chorgali FormationGhorgali Pass Khair –Murat Range Potwar, PunjabShale, limestoneEarly Eocene
89Kuldana FormationKuldana Village Murree Hill, Hazara KPKShale, marl, bleached dolomiteEarly to Mid.Eocene
90Kohat FormationSection along Kohat Kushal garh highwayInterbeds of limestone & shaleEarly to Mid.Eocene
91Nammal FormationNammal Gorge Salt Range, PunjabShale intercalation, marl, limestoneEarly Eocene
92Sakesar LimestoneSakesar Peak, Salt Range, PunjabMarl, limestoneEarly Eocene
93Amalaf FormationAmalaf Section Chagai BalochistanVolcanic rocks sandstone, agglomerate,Oligocene
94Marken GroupNot designated relates to Makran coast, BalochistanClastic sedimentsEocene to Early Pleistocene
95Khojak FormationNauroz, 30 km NE of Kharan Kalat, BalochistanShale, siltstoneEocene to Early Miocene
96Momani GroupMomani River section, Dadu SindhMarine sediments with some estuarine shaleOligocene to Early Miocene
97Nari FormationGaj River Section Kirthar range, Dadu, SindhShale, sandstoneOligocene to Early Miocene
98Hinglaj FormationNot DesignatedTalar Gorge & JiwaniShale, mudstone minor conglomerateMiocene to Pliocene in Balochistan Basin. Oligocene to Pleistocene in Axial Belt
99Gaj FormationGaj River,Dadu, SindhShale, fossiliferousEarly to Middle Miocene
100Rawalpindi GroupNot DesignatedSandstone, Shale of fresh water originMiocene
101Murree FormationNorth of Dhok Maiki, Campbellpur, PunjabSilstone, fossiliferous, Monotonous sequence of clayEarly Miocene
102Kamlial formationSouthwest of Kamlial, Campbellpur, PunjabSandstoneMid. to Late Miocene
103Siwalik GroupNot designatedClay, fossiliferousEarly Pleistocene Mid. Miocene
104Chinji FormationSouth of Chinji, Campbellpur, PunjabClay, sandstoneLate Miocene
105Nagri FormationNagri village, Campbellpur District, PunjabSalt, conglomerate, clayEarly Pliocene
106Dhok Pathan FormationDhok village Campbellpur District, PunjabSandstone, clay, conglomerateMid. Pliocene
107Soan FormationGaji Jagir, Sahil Road near Mujahid village north.of Soan River, Campbellpur District, PunjabConglomerate, siltstoneVillafranchian Late Astian
108Gwadar FormationGwadar, Makran, BalochistanSandy clayLate Pliocene
109Jiwani FormationEast of Jiwani to Ganj, Makran, BalochistanShally, conglomerate, sandstonePleistocene
110Haro ConglomerateKech Valley near Gish Kaur, Kharan, BalochistanConglomerate , claystone, siltstonePleistocene
111Bostan FormationPishi Lora valley, Pishin District. BalochistanClay, conglomeratePleistocene
112Lei ConglomerateLei River Section SE of Rawalpindi PunjabConglomerate, Siltstone, Eocene rocksPleistocene

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